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We love reptiles!

Education and reptiles have always been huge components of life for the team at Reptile Smiles. Our Mission is to combine education, fun and exotic animals in an enjoyable program for people of all ages. Reptiles are unique pets that can bring so much joy to so many! We hope to promote knowledge as well as a fantastic experience!

more about us...

Reptiles are my passion!


Hello! I'm Nicole Osborne, the operator of Reptile Smiles! I've always loved pets of all types, and own furry pets as well as scaly ones! I have a passion for teaching people of all ages - I am an Art Teacher during the school year and reptile extraordinaire in my time off! I think exotic animals are fantastic pets that are sometimes misunderstood and mistreated, so I hope to spread knowledge and love about these great creatures - as well as have a good time :)

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